Things To Be Aware Of On Exotic Holidays

Everyone will want to take an exotic holiday with their family at some point. Heading off the Spain or France every year is okay for a while. However, you will eventually get bored of the same surroundings. Exotic vacations are usually held closer to the equator. There are lots of issues that could arise during your time abroad, and so you need some good information. On this page, you’ll find a list of all the things of which you need to be aware. Just make sure you always read advice on your government’s website too. The last thing you want is to arrive in a war zone.


The most popular exotic destinations in the world include the Bahamas, Hawaii, and Dominica. As you will discover in just a moment, there are a lot of things that could go wrong. It’s all about researching them ahead of time and taking precautions. Only then can you ensure your family will have an amazing experience. At the end of the day, most people return home without difficulty. Even so, there are a select few who have their holiday ruined. So, pay attention to the information and advice below.

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  • Poisonous animals / fish / insects



When you travel to exotic places, there are a lot of dangerous creatures that could harm your family. Indeed, you only have to read some box jellyfish facts to understand the risks you face. You should always find out more about the most poisonous animals and insects before leaving home. It is possible that you might need to keep a special first aid kit handy for your family. Also, knowing what the creatures look like is a big advantage. Once bite from a venomous spider and you could end up in the hospital for weeks. Some insects could even send you to an early grave. To guarantee you have a great time, make sure you do some research.

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  • Dangerous diseases



There are lots of diseases around the world that could make you very ill. The people living in those countries have built up somewhat of a tolerance. However, people from the UK and US do not have that luxury. So, it’s vital that you learn about the diseases and infections you might be exposed to during your stay. You can then consult your doctor and find out if you need any vaccination injections. Malaria is a killer, and you need adequate protection. Those of you who don’t like needles or doctors need to force yourselves to book an appointment. If you contract a dangerous disease, you will spend more time in the hospital than ever before. One injection has to be better than ten, right?



  • Criminals and thieves



Law enforcement officials in exotic locations don’t often provide much protection to tourists. That is why crime rates are high at some of the most desirable holiday resorts. If your passport is stolen abroad, you might have trouble getting back into the country. Also, losing your money could mean your vacation is ruined. The best advice we can give is that you should always wear a secure wallet, and try to keep your cash out of sight. Just remember that criminals abroad have fewer morals compared to those at home. They will not hesitate to pull a knife if they think it will scare you. Don’t make the mistake of arguing during a mugging. Hand over everything and contact the police. Just don’t expect them to catch the criminal because they probably won’t.  



  • Holiday insurance



Your entire family must purchase suitable holiday insurance before traveling to an exotic location. Failure to do that will mean you don’t have any protection at all. At least you are safe in the knowledge you can contact someone for help when you have insurance. The process of losing your passport or wallet is not as bad if you have the best policies. Don’t try to save money by looking for the cheapest deals. In nearly all circumstances, the level of cover you receive will not suit your family. You need to purchase a premium product if you don’t want to stress all week. At least then you will know that help is only a phone call away.



  • City charges



It’s vital that you always take more cash than you think you’ll need for an exotic holiday. Your travel agent might say that all fees are covered, but that is rarely the case. In most locations, you will have to pay an additional city tax when you reach your destination. You need to know how much that is going to cost if you don’t want to ruin your experience. We read an article about someone who traveled to Morocco last year and encountered the issue. He booked through a reputable site that claimed all costs were covered. Upon arrival at the hotel, the situation seemed very different. He was asked to pay the equivalent of £100 ($180) to gain access to his room. Unfortunately, that was his spending money gone for the entire week. City taxes made his holiday a nightmare, and they could do the same for you.


So long as you consider all the information on this page when booking an exotic vacation, you should be fine. As we said only a moment ago, most people travel abroad and have a fantastic time. The chances of something bad happening are low, but they are not non-existent. That is why you must research the situation thoroughly before making your booking. Don’t trust travel agents when they’re trying to sell the deal. They don’t care if you end up out of pocket or in the hospital. They just want your money. Independent research is the only way to guarantee you have all the bases covered.


You should always make sure that someone at home has your hotel details. That way, they can get in touch and check on your from time to time. The cheapest way to call abroad these days involves using Skype and similar programs. Just buy some credit for them before you jet off for your exotic holiday.

Making the Most of Your Trip to London: What to Do

If you’re travelling to London, you no doubt want to make the most of your trip. These tips will help you to enhance your stay, so you have a memorable experience!


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Buy an Oyster Card

When you buy an Oyster card, you can rest assured knowing that you’re going to get the cheapest travel rates in London. You wouldn’t always be able to do this without one, so make sure you plan in advance to get the best rate and save money. You can get the tube, train, and other modes of transport and save money as you go. Just top it up and pay away. The money doesn’t expire either!

Get Your Pass in Advance


If you want to experience everything London has to offer, you can get your pass in advance to save money. By buying your tickets in bulk, you’ll save a lot of money when compared to buying separately. Once you have your guest pass, you’ll be able to enjoy all of your desired activities at a pace that suits you.  


See a Live Show


Seeing a live show is what travelling to London is all about. You can see shows like the Lion King and Shrek, but it isn’t just for kids. Adults absolutely love seeing shows like this at the theatre, so make sure you include it in your itinerary.


Keep Your Money Safe


London is a big city and mostly safe, but it doesn’t hurt to take extra safety precautions when making your way around. Keep your money safely zipped away, and even consider having a second ‘fake’ wallet just in case. You should be fine, but you want to be sure.

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Create an Itinerary


Create an itinerary before you go to London so you can stay focused and enjoy all of the things you want to do. As there’s so much to do there, creating a schedule to manage your time will help. I would just recommend that you also leave yourself some spare time, as you may want to explore on your own for a while, with no plans. You can find so much in London by just making your way around on foot. You can make a great itinerary with the help of a good London Guide.


Wear Appropriate Clothing


You need to make sure you’re comfortable as you explore, so wear appropriate clothing. I don’t recommend wearing heels, and you should always wear layers. This way you can add bits and take them away as you see fit. The weather can be extremely temperamental.


Soak Up the Atmosphere


Sometimes, it’s nice to simply head to London and soak up the atmosphere. You can do this by relaxing in one of the pretty parks or taking a seat by a fountain in Trafalgar Square. People watching is a good shout!

Hopefully, these tips help you to make the most of your trip to London and you have a fantastic time. Tips of your own? Leave them below! See you next time.  

Top Things To Think About When Planning On Travelling

Are you looking to take a break from reality and travel? Then here are some things you need to think about:

Travel Destinations

Obviously, you can’t go on travelling if you don’t know where you’re going. Well, that’s a lie, you can but it would be very unorganised. So, get out a globe and have a look at where you’d like to travel during the year. A lot of people who decide to go on a gap year decide on Thailand and that area of Asia. Purely because it’s such a different culture over there, and there’re plenty of things to see. Others prefer to take a tour down under and visit Australia and New Zealand. Of course, you could literally travel the world and go all over the place – it’s up to you.

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Travel Buddies

It’s also a good idea to think about whether or not you want to travel alone. Some people prefer to go travelling on their own, it’s a very personal thing. For some, travelling is about ‘finding themselves’ and realise their true calling. But, you do get many who prefer to travel with a friend or in a group. Travelling with other people is good because you can share the experience. Plus, you won’t have a dull moment if you’re globe-trotting with your best friends.


Probably the most important thing to consider is money. In short, do you have enough money to travel the world? Think about this, it’s a very costly venture for the average person. You have to pay for transport, accommodation, food. And that’s barely scratching the surface of it. There’s also things like exchange rates that you need to consider and be aware of. Before you plan to travel, ask yourself if you can financially afford to do so. If you can’t, then save up and do it a little further down the line!

Essential Supplies

You have to make a list of all the supplies you intend to take with you. I’m talking things like clothes, travel bags, mobile phones, etc. All the things you’d usually take on a holiday, only a larger amount. Plus, there are other things you may need to bring as well, like a map or portable water purifier. You’ve got to make sure you don’t forget anything important, because when you’re on a gap year it can be hard to get stuff sent from home. My advice would be to write this list as early as possible and tick things off as you pack. Don’t leave home without double checking the list entirely!

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You should think about how long you want your travels to last before you go. The duration is entirely up to you and can depend on how much money you have. If you want to spend an entire year travelling – the go for it!

The Best Places to Invest in a Vacation Home

Some travelers aim to see as much of the world as possible, but others just can’t help returning to the same place. It’s easy to see how someone can fall in love with a particular location that keeps drawing them back. However, if you can’t resist visiting the same place over and over again, should you make a home there? Settling somewhere new doesn’t have to mean a permanent move. It could be a second home for vacations, that you might be able to profit from when you’re not there. If you’ve ever considered buying a vacation home, here are some of the best places to do so.




Thailand is one of most popular places for travelers of all ages and types. Backpackers and luxury travelers alike flock to the country’s islands for an incredible experience. And there’s one thing that makes it a fantastic place to buy a property: the prices. Real estate in Thailand can be incredibly cheap, so you can get much more for your money. But why buy there? Well, from the beaches and marine life to the culture and hospitality, Thailand has something for everyone. You could find a vacation home with some incredible views if you know where to look. And there’ll be plenty of expats to keep you company.


Saint Kitts and Nevis


If you’re considering buying a vacation home, you can’t overlook the Caribbean islands. There are lots to choose from, but Saint Kitts and Nevis are two of the best for property. If you’re looking for luxury, look no further than real estate in Nevis. You can buy a home within a private residential retreat that will give you the peace and quiet you seek when you go away. Some of the most exclusive properties can be found on Saint Kitts, Nevis, and other Caribbean islands. You’ll find beautiful scenery, from mountains to beaches, incredible food and excellent amenities too.

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There are lots of places to buy a great vacation home in Europe, especially if you’re looking for somewhere cheap. But if you want the ultimate property, Italy is one of the best places to look. Whether you wish to be in Rome or on the Amalfi coast, you can find a range of different properties to suit your needs. Perhaps you want a rustic country house, a smart city apartment or a luxurious villa. You’ll find all of them in Italy, and in gorgeous settings of different types.




Vacation homes are best when they’re hidden away somewhere quiet. And Canada is excellent if you’re seeking tranquility. Nova Scotia offers some unrivaled scenery in its more rural parts, whether you want to be by the sea or own some farmland. If you’re looking for the city life, you can head to Halifax, where you won’t feel quite so isolated. But even the urban area has some stunning natural features.


Buying a vacation home is a big decision. So it’s essential to visit a location several times before settling there. Make sure you check the rules about buying property and residency too.


A Newbie’s Guide To Going On A Golfing Holiday Overseas

There is no denying that golf is one of the most popular sports that many of us play. It helps us to stay fit and healthy, enjoy the outdoors and is a sport that can get played by everyone.


Have you played a few rounds of golf in your time? If so, you might tire from playing at the same local golf courses in your area. Many people combine their love of golf with a holiday to get the best of both worlds! Is that something that interests you? If so, let me share with you some tips on how you can have a golfing holiday abroad:

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Choose a destination


The first thing you need to do is consider where you wish to go on holiday and play golf. Most golfers prefer to travel to sunnier climes. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a round of golf on a hot summer’s day!


In general, it’s best to choose a location that is well-equipped for golf. For example, people that live in the UK opt for destinations like Spain and Portugal.


Book some time off from work


Next, you need to make sure you can book the time off from work before you start making any holiday plans! It’s best to book any holiday entitlement as soon as possible.

That way, you won’t leave your team short-staffed if you book nearer the time. And it’s more likely your boss will agree to your request!


If you’re self-employed, ensure you’ve got someone to cover your work when you’re away.

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Budget or luxury?


If you’re planning a golfing holiday, I always recommend luxury golf travel. It will offer you a more memorable experience. And, it means that you’ll feel like a celebrity too!


Of course, one can arrange a budget golfing holiday. Still, if funds allow, why not make your trip a holiday of a lifetime.


Don’t forget your golfing gear


Yes, you can hire the things you need at any golf course you visit. But, if you’re used to playing with your irons, take them with you! They’ll go in the hold of your plane along with your suitcase.


You should also pack some clothing suitable for playing on foreign golf courses. It could also be mandatory to wear certain clothes if you visit some luxury golf courses on your travels.


Take out some insurance before you fly


I always recommend that anyone who flies abroad take out an insurance policy. It will cover you against delays or accidental damage on your trip.


You should also take out cover for your golf clubs if you’re taking them on holiday with you.


Book the best flights and accommodation for the money


Last, but not least, you need to get the best deals for your golfing holiday. Use flight and hotel comparison sites to help you seek out the best offers.


If you’ve got Avios (Air Miles) points, you could use them to get discounts off your holiday costs too. I hope today’s guide has been of use to you. Thanks for reading it!


Reasons Everybody Should Take a Gap Year

Are you thinking of taking a gap year, but you feel torn when making the decision? This post should help you. Apart from the fact you’ll have a hell of a lot of fun, there are so many more reasons to take a gap year. Read on to learn what they are and start making plans!

You’ll Perform Better at School

As you do so much on a gap year that you wouldn’t do at home, you’ll perform much better at school. Whatever kind of school or course you’re doing, you will have gained so much life experience from your gap year that you’ll automatically excel. You’ll have a lot more confidence and feel ready to make good friends too.

You’ll Learn More About Yourself

Going on a gap year allows you to learn so much more about yourself. Whether you’re travelling alone or with other people, you’ll become so much more independent. You’ll get an idea for your likes and dislikes, your personality and so much more. It can be a real eye opener! You can’t have an amazing relationship with anybody else, until you have a great relationship with yourself.

You’ve Got No Worries

Assuming you’re fresh out of school, you probably haven’t’ got much to worry about. Not when you put it into perspective, anyway! Everybody should take the time to travel while they only have themselves to worry about.

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You’ll Have So Much to Talk About

You’ll probably never get stuck for conversation ever again when you have your travel stories to tell. Other people love to hear stories like this – you automatically become a much more interesting person! Obviously you shouldn’t brag or talk about your ventures where it’s not appropriate. But talking about things like this can be a great way to make friends and break the ice!

It Looks Great on Your Resume

A gap year looks amazing on your resume. You should be able to get on any course or job that you like! It shows initiative, independence, and so much more that employers look for.

Make Amazing Friends

One of the best things about a gap year is the friends you’ll make, say The Leap. So many people make friends for life and stay in touch with them afterwards. Your new friends will be from all walks of life and interesting backgrounds too. If you’re going alone, you can bet that you won’t be on your own for very long at all!

A Chance to Help Others

Going on a gap year is a good chance to help others. You have lots of opportunities – even just assisting art classes is an option! There’s bound to be a program based on what you’re into, so you really can’t go wrong.

Are you convinced that you should take a gap year yet? There are so many programs to choose from and so many benefits, that you really have no excuse. Make the most of a time where you have little responsibility and things to worry about. Good luck!