Products List 2015

Products List 2015

Products List 2015

  1. Shishapresso:


Ever since its launch in 2013, Shishapresso has brought modern convenience to an industry that has remained largely unchanged for centuries. Shishapresso changes the way you smoke shisha by making it quicker, easier, and cleaner than ever before through its first-of-a-kind patent pending application! In just three easy steps — simply shake, peel, and place — you can set up and enjoy a mess-free shisha in seconds! Designed to tantalize, Shishapresso offers a delectable selection of flavors for you to choose from including mint, lemon-mint, mango, watermelon, raspberry-lemon, peach, and passion melon! Quality is at the heart of shishapresso. This innovative capsule, complete with a hollow inner shape to produce an effortless smoke, uses only the finest natural ingredients and European grade Virginia leaves. The result? A well balanced experience that is nothing but satisfying and pleasing to the senses! So don’t miss out! This new and amazing revolution in the shisha industry transforms a timeless tradition into an unforgettable, convenient, and consistent smoking experience!


  1. Tokyoflash Japan:


If you’re looking for a company that goes beyond designing watches that simply tell time, then Tokyoflash Japan is the place for you! Praised by designers from companies such as Apple, Puma, and Google, this innovative business turns time into art! At a company where the design is the main point, not the function, Tokyoflash Japan is passionate about changing the way people think about time. This passion is obvious in the way they ingeniously craft each unique design. Tokyoflash Japan is a strong believer in quality, as their innovative team of designers is not only dedicated to meticulously crafting, but also extensively testing new groundbreaking watches. Each design is refined, illustrating a keen attention to detail while also reflecting the wants of the company’s customers, who Tokyoflash Japan are wholeheartedly dedicated to providing excellent customer service! With only a limited amount of each design, make sure to check out the innovative designs at Tokyoflash Japan today and transform the way you think about and wear watches!


  1. Swiss Knifes:



Based in New Hampshire, Swiss Knife shop offers high quality, exquisitely crafted Swiss Army knives from name brands such as Wegner Swiss Army and Victorinox Swiss Army. Beyond their elaborate collection of Swiss Army knives, Swiss Knife shop also offers a wide array of other items, from Swiss Watches and LED Lights to Grooming and Leatherman products. As a leading Internet retailer of name brands, Swiss Knife shop is not only dedicated to customer service, but also to customization, as they offer custom engraving and embroidery on many of the products they sell. From Graduations to Father’s day, the products sold at Swiss Knife shop also make great gifts for any occasion.


  1. Hydro Flask Water Bottles:


Since its ingenious conception in 2008, Hydro Flask has transformed the once unacceptable water bottle market by offering safe drinking and high performance double-wall vacuum insulation flasks in a range of attractive and durable designs. Stylish, lightweight, reusable, and BPA-free, each flask is made from high-quality 18/8 stainless steel and provides its users the freedom to go anywhere with the guarantee that cold or hot liquids will stay that way for hours! Most importantly, Hydro Flask not only has a strong commitment to its customers, but also to making a difference throughout the world. Through its incredible program “5% Back,” customers are able to allocate a portion of Hydro Flask’s net profit from their flask purchase to any charity of their choice!


  1. Peacock Alley Sheets:


Founded in 1973 by Mary Ella Gabler, Peacock Alley Sheets is a fashionable line of bedding and bath collections that seamlessly fuse timeless trends with modern designs. With high-quality natural fibers, classic silhouettes, and pleasing colors, Peacock Alley Sheets’ luxury bedding products not only add comfort, peace and happiness to any bedroom, but are also tailored for those seeking to express their sense of self in their surroundings. Just try them for yourself. These chic, high-quality textural bedding pieces are guaranteed to transform any house into a home!


  1. Cleanethics:


When it comes to cleaning your water and drinking containers, sometimes you need more than soap. That’s why Cleanethics developed Bottle Bright! Bottle Bright is a non-toxic effervescent tablet that quickly, simply, and effectively creates a safe hydration experience. Simply fill up your water bottle, add a tablet of bottle bright, shake, and dump. This all natural cleaner cleans containers of all sizes and removes everything from unnoticeable biohazards to hard-to-clean smells and stains. With absolutely no harsh chemicals, Bottle Bright is an easy-to-use, natural, and sustainable product that not only promotes the use of reusable drinking containers, but also ingeniously uses biodegradable ingredients to create a formula-certified safe, hygienic container. And best of all, Cleanethics promotes a socially conscious mission. Aware of the unfair reality that dirty water containers carry more serious risks to people in developing countries than anywhere else, with every purchase, Cleanethics is committed to giving the same amount of Bottle Bright to people in vital need of clean water containers!