Hyatt Monterey, Pacific’s Edge & TusCA


Hyatt Monterey, Pacific’s Edge & TusCA

Hyatt Monterey, Pacific’s Edge (Restaurant) (Hyatt Carmel) & TusCA (Restaurant)


Pacific’s Edge is a very popular restaurant in the California that provides visitors with experience of all senses. It pairs unmatched views of Carmel which is CA’s famed Big Sur coastline with spectacular California coastal cuisine that is prepared using the freshest and locally sourced ingredients. It is here that you will enjoy a sophisticated comfort food in a convivial ambiance way. The four diamond award winner, Pacific’s edge was named as one of the top and best hundred restaurants in the United States by Zagat and also as one of the top ten restaurants as by the views of the USA today. This Pacific’s wine spectator is now on the top of the list because of offering quality wineries to visitors and other people and therefore it has been lauded with Grand and Excellence awards.


Pacific’s Edge at the Hyatt Carmel Highland is now proud to inform you that it has now launched a new seasonal chef’s tasting menu which has made it to be among the best restaurants in the world. This restaurant in Carmel has just announced that this seasonal testing menu has been launched by Chef Bolton. This is a very big achievement in this restaurant because it has doubled the number of visitors coming there hence leading to a great increase in its rank worldwide. Carmel highlands- Pacific Edge Restaurant is therefore an award winning and glass-walled restaurant that has spectacular ocean vistas. Chef Matt Bolton’s “California Coastal” cuisine therefore provides you with the freshest local ingredients, meats and seafood. All these dishes are aimed at ensuring that you are given a seasonal focus with a sophisticated comfort food. This has promoted a convivial ambiance in this restaurant hence making it to be appealing everyday either during dinner or during any special occasion.


Tusca restaurant is also among the best restaurant that offers the best of regional Tuscan cooking with the simplicity of the farm-fresh California cuisine. TusCA Ristorante by Hyatt therefore boasts some distinct locations such as Santa Clara, Orange County and Monterey properties. TusCA also takes its inspiration from Tuscany’s hearty cuisine. This restaurant therefore takes and presents sophisticated and authentic regional Italian dishes that are created from the wealth of those seasonally and locally sourced California produce such as fish and meat. These foods are made in a simple preparation technique such as roasting and braising the seasonally procured ingredients of California.


The food made at this restaurant is very delicious because the method used in preparing it transforms it into recognizable, satisfying and comfortable meals. This restaurant has recipe cards that can enable you to learn how to make delicious food like theirs and hence make your family enjoy your ultimate comfortable dish that will leave them singing for some seconds. TusCA is therefore one of the casual Tuscan style restaurant that has a Californian influence. Why? Because it mainly specializes in salads, pasta, pizza, cheeses and the home baked style dishes that are prepared in a professional way. This is the best place to be for your meal and stay.