Summer Travel Memories Don’t Have To Fade


Summer Travel Memories Don’t Have To Fade


Many fun family adventures comprise summer travels, from roasting s’mores over the campfire and spending an entire day racing down waterslides to playing in the pool with the grandparents and taking long drives through America’s wilderness. Don’t let these memories fade as soon as the school year starts. Preserve them so you can reflect back on summer adventures with enjoyment, year after year.


Photos, journal entries and videos are all excellent ways to document moments from the travels. But once you get home, how do you keep the memories alive and smiling through the winter?


* Set Them Free – Get your photos off any device (from cameras, to phones to tablets). Nobody can see your great images if they stay trapped on a device. The My KODAK Moments App, for use on your iPhone or Android smartphone, makes turning your photos into a collage of memories quick and easy. Create and order prints, cards, and photobooks right on your phone, or simply choose the images you like on your phone and transmit them to a KODAK Picture Kiosk using the in-store Wi-Fi connection. KODAK Picture Kiosks are located across the country. Go to to find one near you.


* Get Crafty – Scrapbooking is a popular endeavor with clubs, workshops and classes offered across the country. Start small for your first project, incorporating photos, notes about each of the images and maybe even a daily journal entry to help keep your memories fresh forever. Ask your children to be involved in the scrapbook by coloring pictures of their memories of the vacation, which you can add to the pages. -With dedicated sections at retailers like CVS, Target, Discount Drug-Marts and Bartells across the U.S. this project is a snap.


* Update Your Social Media – Share your vacation adventures with friends and family when you return by updating your social media accounts with photos and personal recollections of the trips. Facebook, for example, will save your images in case you ever need to go back and find a picture you’ve lost. Did you travel with friends? Pull fun photos from their Facebook pages using Kodak’s My KODAK Moments Facebook app to create great photo products using their pictures and yours.


* Get Ready For Your Close Up – Once you’re back, review all the video footage you have of the trip, and edit it down to a short five- or 10-minute overview. Bring this video out as you plan future trips and at future get-togethers to have fun reminiscing on how young everyone was when you took the trip.


It’s always fun to look back through the scrapbook, photo book, collages and videos and enjoy the stories anew. And the next time your family heads out on an adventure, be sure to document the trip so you can record and preserve the new memories you’re creating.