The Small Things That Can Make Travel Less Stressful

The Small Things That Can Make Travel Less Stressful

Travelling is stressful, we all know this. But is it possible to make it less so? There are plenty of small things that can make the process of travelling a lot less stressful, so read on.


Knowing what you’re going to do before you set off on your travels will take a lot of the stress away. But it’s not just about knowing what you’ll be doing when you reach your destination (although this is important). It’s also about planning what you’ll do on the day of your journey to the destination.

For me, getting to the airport at the right time and making sure you get through all the hundreds of checks is the most stressful part of travelling. So, it’s best to plan out your travel arrangements and know exactly what time you have to be at the airport. But don’t arrive at the last minute, get there a little early.

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One of the things that make your journey to your destination a little easier and less stressful is airport parking. For example, if you’re travelling from Atlanta to Los Angeles at night, you have to either get to the airport by car or use public transport. But public transport isn’t reliable and at night the services will be fewer in Atlanta.

That means your only option is to go by car. But don’t waste time trying to find a parking space a mile away from the airport, use the spaces provided in the airport car park. A lot of people think that they’re expensive, but you can find Atlanta airport parking rates online, so find a bargain by booking in advance.

Knowledge of the Destination

You should have at least a basic knowledge of the place you’re heading to on your travels. It helps to have done some reading and be aware of the local environment. This will allow you to prepare yourself and pack the right kinds of clothes for the climate. I’ve made the mistake of not doing this before, and I had to buy different clothes when I got there! So, learn from my mistakes.

You should also think about buying a phrasebook to help you out with communicating with local people. It can be very difficult if you arrive at a destination where no one speaks English and you don’t speak their language either. A few helpful phrases can make things much less stressful.


We all know about travel insurance, but how many of us actually take out a policy before we travel? The truth is most of us don’t. But if something goes wrong, having an insurance policy can help you out of a tricky situation. That’s why it’s best that you take one out, even if the chances are you won’t use it.

When it comes to medical expenses, using another country’s health system can be incredibly expensive if you’re not covered by travel insurance. So, if you don’t take out a policy, you run the risk of facing a huge bill – it’s not worth the risk if you ask me.

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